Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bigfoot Evidence PLSA - OLCHP/Oxford Submission

The following photos were taken in an area we call PLSA in the Sandia mountains here in New Mexico. We were called to take a look at this area by a group of young people who had come across a large amount of evidence while hiking. They had seen tracks, found fruit with bite impressions showing that the creature who had bitten into it was missing many of it's teeth, saw evidence of strategic hunting, which we deduced to be a collaboration between an elderly male, and a female or smaller individual. The group reported that they had seen the area where the two subjects struggled with a deer, including where they had smashed the bones of the animals and presumably consumed the marrow.

Here we have a BF trackway with an 8' step. There were tracks scattered throughout the entire area, this particular grouping is pretty impressive since there was enough there to measure the stride as you can see.

We carry plaster casting supplies in our evidence kit, but plaster is not exactly light to carry, especially into some of these areas. There were so many tracks that day we had to choose the best examples to cast with what plaster we had.

This is the larger of two different tracks we cast. The tips of this creature's toes did not leave a viable impression, so what you see here is the foot and base of the toes. We were able to see dermal ridges in areas of the finished cast. We estimate the foot of this individual at 20+ inches in length. Morphology is indicative of a male.
Robert Kryder calculates a realistic total length of the foot would be about 22" (20" min) @ est 5.7 to 1 based on height to foot length ratio = 12.62' tall (10.45 ' tall min) @ 1,800 lbs - 2,200 lbs +.

Later in the day we came upon these hand prints. Right away we were wishing we hadn't used all of our plaster. We would have forgone the footprints had we known that this was waiting for us. As you can see this is a deep print with excellently preserved features. You can make out fingers and the spread of a hand much like ours only considerably larger and thicker.

This is the location were we collected a hair sample for submittal to the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid project. There was visible damage at this location, we believe this was caused by the subject climbing up the ravine.

Finally we have a video of the actual hair transfer under sterile conditions.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Report and Video by Robert Kryder

KX GLST 02 02-03 2012 INVESTIGATION - THERMAL AND AUDIO RECON - Results positive with diverse multi-source vocals and thermal video of Bigfoot study subject. Grunts, howls, whistles, clicks, footsteps, twig breaks, wood knocks, moans etc... INVESTIGATION SUMMERY : ""When we arrived at the immediate area we setup a 13" P-mic dish and amp to headphones and did sound recon. This was done from 30' above the research area which made position determination of the sound source possible. - With this amplified listening set-up it is possible to hear a stick break at 100's of yards. - During this sound recon session of 30 - 40 min, we heard a couple stick breaks with our ears, but with the 13" P-mic, we heard foot steps, twigs, brushing trees, low moan. - When we descended and entered it went silent until we got in 280' to the main "trail" N-S... Then came four very strange sounds which each sounded like that shreek a rabbit makes only once, as it dies... But these were four in number and 8 to 10 min apart, and perfectly clear with no other noise at all from the same location not 75' from us? We knew it was no rabbit. Coyotes, or what sounded strange for coyotes were heard and then normal coyote sounds were heard from the opposite direction. When we were on our way out and nearing the exit of the labyrinth of "tunnels" hewn out of the thorns and trees we heard the near perfect imitation of a Leopard frog two times a couple seconds apart ... Yet it was only 20 degrees at most and everything including the sandy riverbed were frozen solid. The entire time there was a 30" P-mic dish set up above us on the 30' bank opposite the research area but it was focused in a tight pattern. It picked up howls, the screams, many grunts, moans etc that were not heard with our ears..... One note on the evidence stood out, we noticed hundreds of places where sticks had been woven into the surrounding thicket "walls" as we moved through the tight cleared passages. Yet almost no debris on the floor ??? It had all been picked up and stuck into the sides of the tunnel-like labyrinth of dense Salt Ceder and Russian Olive trees/brush( both with 2"+ long thorns). Many large branches, up to 20' long had been carried/ dragged around inside as well and some had been placed above in tree gaps. Other large living trees had been manipulated, bent or broken to modify the tree and "tunnel/cavities" as well."

Field Report / GLST RECON 02 15 2013

Report Submitted by Robert Kryder

GLST RECON 02 15 2013 - Summery: entered thinnest part of the treed areas within the inhabited zone. Started with elevated audio recon with 13" P-mic, but due to lost amp could not do continuous monitoring during investigation below.. Sounds were heard but nothing that could be directly attributed to BF. Entry was made into the river bottoms and then the opposite tree/ brush line. The edge was dense and impenetrable as usual but opened up to roughly broken trails through the dense growth once an entry point was located. Unlike the other areas of known habitation investigated @ GLST, this spot lacked the tunneled nature of the cleared passages and was not cleaned of debris and no branches or limbs had been placed / woven into the sides of the access ways. Also, only one passage was intentionally blocked off on the entry to a cleared and comfortable area. This was also assembled to make noise if entry was attempted ... a noise trap to alert subjects if using the clearing. Scat like the proposed infant scat, was also located and examined but not collected as we already have a perfect sample specimen from earlier investigations. No other significant finds / observations were made other than a flash of moving light from above?
RK of KX

Crypto Reality

This evening the KX team was honored to be represented by team lead and founder, Robert Kryder on Crypto Reality radio show with Mark Zasckey. We are very excited about the opportunity to present our research to a wider audience. I want to personally thank everyone who has followed and supported our work. I am thrilled to be a part of something meaningful in a world that seems to have lost all sense of what is truly important. As most of you who follow us on facebook know, I opened this blog just a few days ago and I realize there isn't much in it yet, but I will do my best to provide you with as much background on these postings as possible. It takes a few days of research to compile enough to write up a summery. I hope that you will feel free to suggest, contribute and or comment on any research resources provided here. If you can find back story, more complete reports etc. I urge you to submit those. I will be happy to give credit where credit is due to all contributers. This is to be a resource for us all and I value each and every contribution. Stay with us and there will be so much more to come.

Thank You!!!

Melissa Thompson

Boy Survives for Three Weeks in the Wilderness with help of Yeren

This video was posted to C.H.R.G. by KX team member Joshua James Ryan Lawrence. It is a valuable first hand account of extended interaction with the Yeren. This young man Wang Yi Toa, has a very matter of fact way of describing the fantastic events that took place while on a camping trip with his family in 1987. Wang was ten years old at the time he "went missing" he was found three weeks later and the nation was shocked that he was able to endure such conditions for such a length of time. Wang Yi Toa was quick to inform them that he was cared for during his ordeal by three Yeren. Here is his story in his own words.

At one point in the video Wang Yi is guiding the film crew through the wilderness where these events took place. Suddenly he turns to face the camera and seems to be trying to block the camera's site from the landscape behind him. He says he is sorry but that they must stop. Could it be that Wang Yi was surprised to stumble upon his Yeren friends or their abode and did not want to disturb them?

Wang Yi describes his Yeren as being of somewhat normal human size and covered with white hair. He even names one of the Yeren "Little White Bear". He and his wife visit the area where Wang Yi went missing each year hoping for another encounter. Please submit your comments as always.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mother Claims Son is Result of Abduction by Yeren

I recently posted this video to the KX Cryptid Hominid Research Group on facebook.The description states that "This person is the result of a supposed rape of his mother by a Yeren. His mother went missing for months. When she came back to the village, she hardly spoke, but claims she was raped by the yeren. She never spoke about it after that. Scientists have asked her if they could study him, but she always just asked them to go away and leave them alone." A dialogue among members of C.H.R.G. brought up some excellent points for discussion in regards to this fascinating case. What I find interesting about this particular individual is that he looks to be quite tall and seems to have a very long and thick torso. He seems to have a very short neck, long arms and legs and he does not seem to have much of an obvious waist. Also, in the beginning of the video he sidesteps down some very large rocks with ease and he seems too be very comfortable outdoors unclothed.Upon first glance you can see there is something different about the shape and size of his head. These things in conjunction with his mother's extraordinary story makes this case worth a second look. Obviously the video is in Chinese and we cannot be sure what is said without a translation. I would be thrilled to have someone translate this for us.

The only theory regarding this man's uncommon appearance that I have been able to find was brought to my attention by C.H.R.G. member Rebecca Hargett. She states that "from his appearance and movement, my diagnosis is microcephaly, but that would have to be confirmed to be certain. Just to rule out any doubt." Indeed, photos of microcephaliacs do bear a striking head and facial resemblance to this fellow and no one had any objections to this possibility. Another member stated "it could be both" suggesting that perhaps this man does suffer from microcephaly and is also a Yeren hybrid as his mother reportedly says. Most agreed that something about the subject in the video is very compelling and even eerie. His movements were described by member Simon Hicks as "ape like". Simon also points out an "animalistic nervousness" about the man.

Microcephaly (my-kroh-SEF-uh-lee) is a rare neurological condition in which an infant's head is significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age and sex. Sometimes detected at birth, microcephaly usually is the result of the brain developing abnormally in the womb or not growing as it should after birth.

As we can see, this man's head does appear to be disproportionate to his body. The only thing about this individual that does not seem to match up with typical cases of microcephaly is his overall size and physical prowess. Delayed speech is a possibility as I see no evidence of him speaking words throughout the video. Consider the following:

Signs and symptoms of microcephaly may include a smaller than normal head circumference that usually remains smaller than normal as the child grows, dwarfism or short stature, delayed motor and speech functions,

I would like to have more information on this case, but at this time I have been unable to find the original story or an official report. Until then it remains a mystery.