Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boy Survives for Three Weeks in the Wilderness with help of Yeren

This video was posted to C.H.R.G. by KX team member Joshua James Ryan Lawrence. It is a valuable first hand account of extended interaction with the Yeren. This young man Wang Yi Toa, has a very matter of fact way of describing the fantastic events that took place while on a camping trip with his family in 1987. Wang was ten years old at the time he "went missing" he was found three weeks later and the nation was shocked that he was able to endure such conditions for such a length of time. Wang Yi Toa was quick to inform them that he was cared for during his ordeal by three Yeren. Here is his story in his own words.

At one point in the video Wang Yi is guiding the film crew through the wilderness where these events took place. Suddenly he turns to face the camera and seems to be trying to block the camera's site from the landscape behind him. He says he is sorry but that they must stop. Could it be that Wang Yi was surprised to stumble upon his Yeren friends or their abode and did not want to disturb them?

Wang Yi describes his Yeren as being of somewhat normal human size and covered with white hair. He even names one of the Yeren "Little White Bear". He and his wife visit the area where Wang Yi went missing each year hoping for another encounter. Please submit your comments as always.

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