Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Field Report / GLST RECON 02 15 2013

Report Submitted by Robert Kryder

GLST RECON 02 15 2013 - Summery: entered thinnest part of the treed areas within the inhabited zone. Started with elevated audio recon with 13" P-mic, but due to lost amp could not do continuous monitoring during investigation below.. Sounds were heard but nothing that could be directly attributed to BF. Entry was made into the river bottoms and then the opposite tree/ brush line. The edge was dense and impenetrable as usual but opened up to roughly broken trails through the dense growth once an entry point was located. Unlike the other areas of known habitation investigated @ GLST, this spot lacked the tunneled nature of the cleared passages and was not cleaned of debris and no branches or limbs had been placed / woven into the sides of the access ways. Also, only one passage was intentionally blocked off on the entry to a cleared and comfortable area. This was also assembled to make noise if entry was attempted ... a noise trap to alert subjects if using the clearing. Scat like the proposed infant scat, was also located and examined but not collected as we already have a perfect sample specimen from earlier investigations. No other significant finds / observations were made other than a flash of moving light from above?
RK of KX

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